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Do You Need to Expunge Your Record?

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Clearing a Texas Criminal Record

With more than 80 percent of employers, landlords, and credit agencies conducting criminal background checks, having a clean record makes a difference during a job search and may be the key to a better paying job. A clean record can mean better job opportunities and a better quality of life.

In Texas, there are several ways a person can clean up a criminal record including offers setting aside convictions, petitions for nondisclosure and expungement.


Expungement means the court orders destruction of all records of both the arrest and prosecution of a criminal case. Under Texas law, a person is allowed expunction of an arrest if it did not end in a conviction or some type of community supervision.

A person can also expunge class C misdemeanors if it terminated in a successful completion of a deferred adjudication. It is then against Texas law to use or disclose the existence of expunged records by any entity for any purpose.

The person with the expunged records can deny the arrest and prosecution and even the expunction order itself, unless being questioned under oath in a criminal court (in which case they need only respond that the matter has been expunged). They can even deny the case ever occurred when applying for government and law enforcement jobs.

Expunction proceedings are complex and simple mistakes can start the process over again. A post-conviction attorney can also write letters to the person's potential employers to let them know the case has been scheduled for expunction or non-disclosure and will soon have the person's record cleared.

Benefits of Expungement

Employment: 99% of employers conduct a criminal background check. Don't let your past interfere with your future. This includes those who hold a professional license.

Education: 68% of universities collect criminal data on applicants. A criminal history can also affect eligibility for scholarships and student loans.

Adoption: Social workers consider former convictions when determining who is eligible to adopt.

Reputation: Many people feel a sense of relief when they no longer have a criminal record and feel their reputation has been restored.

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